Light metals

Furnaces, compactors, turners Anode, casting carousels, transfer stations, liquid aluminum scales, precipitators...
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SteEl Mill & Mining

Silos, conveyors (screw, belt or pneumatic), screens, hoppers, elevators, electromagnets and steel structures...
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Penstocks including manufacturing and assembly starts,
welding tests and X turbines...
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Pulp & Paper

Newspaper presses, conveyors, dust collectors, recovery of sawdust, flayer equipment, silos...
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Food Processing

Conveyors (belts and chains), ventilation processes, tanks and silos or stainless steel equipment...
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Aerospace, automotive and manufacturing services, food processing, printing, wood, pulp and paper, aerospace...
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Storage of materials:
Tanks, silos (in steel or stainless steel)

Transport of materials and products:
Vibrating screens, screw conveyors, belt, roller, pneumatic, air, bucket elevators, crushers, pumps, cranes, handling systems for newspapers and magazines

Various equipment and machinery:
Presses, preheaters, mixers, pasta dispensers, automatic samplers, magnetic separators, rotary kilns, robot manipulators, room painting (planes, trucks and buses), passenger boarding platforms (aircraft), mills, extruders and system extrusion


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