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For Oslo Construction, the definition of a successful project is a project that is beneficial to: the customer, our company and the worker. With respect to our workers, Oslo Construction has made Safety, Health, and the Environment a priority on all of its sites. While it is impossible to reach a risk-free construction site, Oslo Construction guarantees that all the safety following measures are taken.

To guarantee an efficient S.H.E:

  • We ensure that our workers know and respect our preventives methods guide in S.H.E..
  • We apply a rigorous process of analysis and implementation of risk mitigation measures.
  • We offer many different continuing training to all of our workers, an attitude encouraged by the government that awarded us with the ‘Skills Investment’ certificate.
  • Each site benefits from particular care with a presence of our S.H.E. specialists.
  • Year after year, we are awarded by a personalised CSST rate that is lower than the average industry rate.
  • We are members of the ACQ.
  • Due to the dedication in the area of S.H.E, one of our customers, Rio Tinto Alcan recognized our efforts.

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